Who’s Back For Kaleidoscope Season 1? Revealed

Kaleidoscope is latest Netflix series to hit the streaming giant and we all know that this is a unique series with a different type of format because it follows a random series of episodes. Since this is not fair to me, considering that it is quite clear that it is quite likely that it is a petty nonsense to think about. Who Dies in Kaleidoscope Season 1 Revealed Read More

Kaleidoscope, The Newest Netflix series to Hit The Netflix Channel, is unique, with a Different Type of Format, which can be attributed to the random series of episodes. Of course, considering this is an action-drama series, it is logical that there would be deaths for the series that I want to read. No one who is involved in whole scheme gets all the heists over.

Kaleidoscope looks less dated with its type. That’s why we cant really say who dies, who lives without looking at the episodes and what happened to the characters there. So here we can see what’s happening in Kaleidoscope’s body count in chronological order so that we could better understand who dies and lives in this series.


The very first events of Kaleidoscope, a year off, can be found in the Violet episode 24 years after the heist. Violet lets us look at a young Ray Vernon – we know as Leo Pap – before he became known as that man. From this storyline, Graham Davies still worked with, we know, man he wanted revenge on.

Junior Ray wants to stay in crime in cracking open the safes of rich people. Ray joins Graham as wifes racist country club bosses fire her to steal the jewels of club. But the heist goes wrong and Graham vows to scare their escape by setting fire.

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The problem, however, was Ray didnt know that his wifes bosses had called her back for work. Fire broke in office where she died. Ray goes to jail over the aftermath as wife died, Graham found new life as Roger Salas. Ray Vernon’s wife Lily Vernon was first in order to die in chronology sequence.


Blue’s events held five days before heist. Leos grown-up Hannah Kim already working with Roger Salas as a mole at Yellow six weeks before heist. And she needed to cover tracks, and framed her co-worker to see that she didnt go through a collision.

Skyline: Someone was already blackmailing Roger during Blue, and that was when he found out that Andrew was responsible for that. As a result, Rogers goons asked hitman to kill Andrew after telling him of past identity as Graham Davies.


White events unfold in heist itself. The heist collapsed already, Bobpushed wife Judy to join him and ditches their team to take all of the money for themselves in this storyline. But they got to grips with RJ, responsible to drive the getaway car. RJ realized Bob wanted to betray them, shot Bob in the butt.

RJ stopped to take Bob in the head as Judy to shoot him. Bob chased Stan with RJs body in dumpster as Stan sees him hiding in dumpster. Judy quick to kill Bob after crowbar attack. Bobs corpse drove by Ava but Bob was able to survive.


Red watches in the morning after heist. Leo, Ava, Stan and Judy had already been in their safe home together and discussed who was responsible for cheating the group in this episode. The problem was because they realized that Stans glasses were left at the crime scene, and that was when Rogers team could connect the glasses with the real Stan Loomis.

Rogers goon went to Stans home, where Stans wife, mother lived. Stans wife remained silent, his mother says she had a tracking on Stans phone. Goon kills both women and heads to safe house, sparking gunfight. Leo and others shot himself down on head goon Carlos.


Pink Events Take Place Six Months After Hits’ Heist. Bob seen alive and well in this episode as he was plotting revenge against crew that left him dead. Roger Salas in prison sentenced to 20 000 death of Leo Pap. In that regard, they worked together to murder Zanetti for information on where Ava and Leo are.

Bob and crew finally find where Leo was as master thief already declining in health on illness. Ava and Avas relatives Teresa stayed with Leo in Ohio, as Teresa tried to kill Bob by planting an axe into his chest. Bob survived the attack, Leo revealed Judy, Stan waiting for him in South Carolina.

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Bob went to South Carolina to get his wife back. FBI agent Abassi also tracked part of the crew to South Carolina as they staged a raid. Abassi took off to help Bob with a car as Judy saw him leaving Stan.

Leo, Ava and Teresa attempted to escape as they tried to escape in Ohio. Bobs friends shot Teresa and Ava but they both died. Leo ejected crash. Abassi was approached by stranger, asking for directions in final moments of episode.

And, we know, he shook her hand, died minutes later due to the Triplets, who worked with the most dangerous clients during his days as a security expert. Abassi dies on Triplets case on heist.

Finally, Leo can also be seen dying of Parkinsons as mysterious man followed him in the park. Mann seen firing Leo in the back to kill him. On that note, Leo, Bob, Ava, Teresa, Bob henchmen and Nazan Abassi all died in the episode. Stan and Jdy were the only crew members to survive.