Will you get really cold over a Japanese kotatsu table?

Japan medical expert answers the age-old question for us

Japanese medical expert asks us age-old question.

It is the beauty of Japanese culture to visit the iconic kotatsu. If you havent heard of it, its a low table with a built-in heater. Top, bottom table panels feature blanketed with a blanket.

Feeling tired while lower half snug in kotatsu, sight can help get you off to a cold. Maybe any science behind it? Is there any link between sleeping under a kotatsu and catching a cold? Reports at online portal Otona Answer asked Dr. Ichihara.

Ichiharas response:

Clinical studies on colds and kotatsu have been completed but the chemistry theory suggests there’s a link. Duer hydrates when you sleep under a kotatsu. This can cause dry throat and nose – you’ve heightened chances of getting a cold.

Aside from further talk on the bodys natural cooling system, she does tell the body that sweating is the norm. Body sweats to shrink body temperature when body temperature increases. And if youre under a piping hot kotatsu, your body temperature wont be too low regardless of how much you sweat. Dr. Ichihara says it can scare your nerve system in a bad way.

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And the knowledgeable doctor also busted another myth: isnt it good to keep your feet warm and your head cool? Yes, keeping your feet warm can help improve your overall system as long as youre sitting up with just your feet under the kotatsu. Thats when things start to get a bit too heated at the moment when you lay down and smell most of your body under the heavenly warmth.

Standing upright under kotatsu: good. Laying down with most of your body lying under kotatsu: bad. Dehydration boosts chances of catching cold, while also sleep worse as your body cant cool down to proper restorative temperature. Take note and reprimand the temptation, though we admit it is pretty hard to fight! It teaches you nothing to sleep in your personal wearable kotatsu too.

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