Amazon Japan’s Japanese sweets box is a treasure trove of dagashi nostalgia

A treasure chest filled with cute and nostalgic Japanese sweets!

A treasure chest filled with cute and nostalgic Japanese sweets!

Some Japanese shoppers call for cheap dagashi sweets filled with nostalgia – clinging to childhood memories of running to local candy shop where a few hundred yen could net you dozens of tiny sweets.

So as our reporter Masanuki Sunakoma saw a Dagashi Assortment Set on Amazon Japan priced at 1,999 yen (US$15.13) he couldt resist taking a trip down memory lane, adding it to his cart and checking out immediately, before his adult self could stop his inner child from splurging on the item.

Masanuki felt a sense of childhood glee on him as he prepared to open the parcel.

Dagashi Assortment Set was created with really savory candy based on questionnaire and tasting, stores stocked.

Masanuki hopes he has some familiar favourites in the box.

Then he saw it hidden from the paper wrap

Box looked actually atreasure chest!

Masanuki has jumped up and down with his excitement if he had had done something like that at elementary school. Heck, he was a grown man and still couldnt stop feet doing a little jig of joy as he opened the treasure chest.

Smell of colourful dagashi was on inside treasure chest!

Top o the pile was Takoyaki Naniwa, that hed never seen before, but she had a similar relationship to Takoyaki-flavoured Umaibo, seeing that the Umaibo stick was seen on the front of it.

Out there were plenty of fried chicken snacks on hand.

Delving further into the precious treasure pile revealed a good assortment of Umaibo snacks.

Assortment was key word, because variety was truly impressive. Masanuki figured there were over 50 sweetsin the treasure chest after a quick count, and his inner child had never been happier.

Some of the most nostalgic items that hit Masanuki straight away on the TV was the Beware of Sour Grapes candy

Bubble Wrap Fortune-telling Chocolate Balls.

Each of these chocolate balls has the same topic, like gaming, travel, and once you hit it out, your fortune will be revealed on the foil behind it.

Masanukis future chocolate had circle on foil behind its foil

Some good results! The best result is double circle, triangle indicates ordinary, cross indicate no good.

Masanuki remembers the horrors of fortune-telling chocolate balls as a child but now has a whole new life imaginable. And speaking of salt, this big pack of candy also included another two of those salty U.S.U.Aibo sticks.

Masanuki spotted another fortune-telling item Scratch Omikuji, more like a scratch card than a traditional omikuji fortune.

Scratch Omikuji has been peeling off the small package, with a scattering of soda-flavoured candies on it.

if you scratch card and find a beckoning cat youll receive 100 yen, according to the instructions. A daruma to earn up to 50 yen, a small mallet puts you one more Scratch Omikuji.

Thats all well and good if youre in a candy store with someone operating a till behind the counter, but what was Masanuki meant to do if he won something now?

Surely he wouldnt have to travel through Amazon Japan to score his unsettling prize winnings?

Masanuki scratches silver coloured panels and finds the body full of dust slicing along his head with those fears

He wasnt winning anyway.

Oh well. Masanuki felt he didnt win much as getting revenge on winnings was more trouble than its worth. Still, with sweets and childhood memories facing him, Masanuki sat like a winner or even better, the king of his own Dagashi Bar!

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