And now we push the luck and buy a lucky bag from a Japanese vending machine

New Year, new vending machine, filled with fukubukuro

New Year, new vending machine, filled with fukubukuro.

These bags, filled with random items worth more than what you pay for, have one that’s always been in Japan, and while our firm favourites got along, this year we found one wed never seen before, sold in a very different locationat a vending machine.

Two of these unusual machines, they can be found near the station of Kashiba City, Nara Prefecture, where our reporter K. Masami lives, so she wasted no time trying out there to get her to know more about them.

Lucky Bags’ Company Presidents Lucky Bag When She Arrived

The machines showed Umaimon Hokkaido posters at the top, who specialises in Hokkaido products.

Masami findes bags named after U.S. Hokkaidoscompany President’s belief in selling fukubukuro to mark first anniversary of the machines.

CEO looking like boss.

Masami pulled her purse into to buy the Presidents Fukubukuro.

But for some strange reason, the machine only allowed one of the bills, refusing to take the other.

Masami felt worried that there was something wrong with the machine for a fleeting moment, but quickly decided to look up in her coin case, where she can insert the remaining amount in coins.

The lights then lit up, and she was able to pick the button next to number one for the Presidents Fukubukuro.

The machine wiggled into action and her reached down to retrieve her stock from the tray below.

And what was in the bag? Let’s jump in in on the contents!

8 Total product:

  • Tokachi Pork Bowl Hokkaido Donburiya
  • Fujiwara SeimenSapporo Ginparo Rich Tonkotsu Soy Sauce Noodles
  • HokkaidoRedBeetPotage
  • Hokkaido Autumn SalmonTororo Kombu Chazuke
  • Potato Farm potato chip snack
  • Fresh Pure Butter Cookies
  • Hokkaido Black Thunder (two bars)

Bag reveals Hokkaido’s pride and looks at 2,000 yen sale price. However, it was also interesting to see that chocolates, cookies, potato chips seem to be taken out of multi-packs.

Sold with these potatoes if you want them or have them in large boxes?.

As these butter cookies, as they are.

Still, rather than feeling duped by small items in the bundle, they made us feel a sense of gratitude, as president didnt have to insert any sweets or snacks in the fukubukuro at all. Through the three things you could see the presidents wanting a splurge of Hokkaido, and that made the bundle sweeter, and more than one, more, as well as more.

Were not sure how much longer these bags in the machines for. If you have a taste of the Presidents Fukubukuro, then theres a long way to go. And if you wish to narrow your palate to enjoy dishes from around the world, then youll need to go to this in-flight vending machine that sells in-flight food in Tokyo!

Vending machine information

Vending machine Umaimon Hokkaido / Address: Nara-ken, Kashiba-shi, Kawaraguchi2306 2306