Animal Crossing cross with Godiva Japan for extra-sweet Valentines packs

Tom Nook, Isabelle, more from the hit Nintendo series, is here for a real-world seasonal event.

Videogame-Show: Tom Nook, Isabelle, More, Real-world Saison, Season.

Another big winter event on Japans calendar is Valentines Day with all things Christmas, Comiket, New Years, Coming of Age Day all around – even as this year is almost over. And while Valentines Day in Japan is probably more about chocolate than romance, right about now, when confectioners are showing off what special naysayers will be delivering in the run up to Feb 14 & Godiva is teaming up with Nintendo for some sweets that will be very hard to resist.

The games Japanese title for the Belgian chocolatiers is the Godiva Meets Animal Crossing: New Horizons lineup (or Godiva Meets Atsumare Dobutsu no Mori), which is a tasty-sounding encounter between the slow-life console and Nintendos. In a large box, youll find many characters and other animal Crossing artworks to check out.

Dark cocoa filling makes Tom Nook, other chocolates for his proteges Timmy and Tommy.

Isabelle (milk chocolate with coffee filling) and Marshal (dark chocolate with coffee filling)

Rosie, Dom (both milk chocolate with milk chocolate filling)

Chocolate Heart, Leaf (both white chocolate) and logo chocolate (milk chocolate with salty caramel filling)

In addition to an assortment of all nine pieces theres also a six-piece set that reveals Marshal, Dom and Rosie. For this reason, only the six-piece box can be purchased as bundle with the exclusive pouch seen below, one of the few occasions we can recall being hit by a low amount of chocolate offer.

The nine-piece box also features a special package thats only available at department store Valentines Day chocolate market events that Japanese department stores host every year in February.

All of these are available at Japanese department stores, Godiva specialty stores as well as through their online store, but there are also special Godiva/Animal Crossing sets for convenience store shoppers too.

Three-piece set stars Tom Nook, Isabelle, Timmy and Tommy, grcing solid milk, dark chocolate flats.

And also only at convenience stores are seven-piece tins of G Chocolat chocolates that also have exclusive cherry flavor.

Six-piece set costs 1,836 yen (US$13.90), 3,520 yen if you want to add the pouch, nine-pieces cost 3,240. Four-piece convenience store box 777 yen, G Chocolat tin 1,652. The whole lineup is on sale now, supplies last so far, will be available until Feb.15 – just like Valentines Day.

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