Compare two Starbucks fukubukuro shows just how different lucky bags can be

Proof that lucky bag is the odds of the draw

Proof of lucky bags is the real winner.

Unpacked Starbucks Lucky Bag that arrived in Box on New Years day, one of our reporters won lottery to purchase one for7,800 yen (US$59.56).

These lucky bags proved difficult to sell, and so did two of our 18 reporters in the lottery to buy them. There were two to compare with, at least that meant we could see how much the random content would differ from bag to bag.

They were exactly the same for the mystery bag, making the difference, no point in difference at this time.

Lucky bag we checked back at 2:7:5

Drink tickets stood at 4,700 yen, and striped tumbler, joint product with Kate Spade, usually carries 84,730 yen, making this two items alone worth more than the cost of the bag.

Let’s take a look at the haul our second reporter received.

Out of the same hauls, we can see from the bottom-left of the images below the two items.

Second bag contained no one in one tumbler; second bag had two

Souvenir, stainless steel bottle!

The mug was bigger and heavy with a 414-millilitre (414-ounce) capacity, beautifully adorned with fireworks and wind chimes on a Japanese summer. Usually priced at 1,980 yen, this was a very pleasing product, and possibly better than the plain tumbler in the first box.

Japanese models include Mt Fuji and the stainless steel mini bottle is the perfect gift for the craft. Won’t do this over a Kate Spade tumbler on a day – normally priced at 499 yen.

Two Starbucks fukubukuros ended up being one in some places, but different in others.

For instance, the number of fukubukuro customers slipping was more in the mix after checking on the internet, and some Starbucks customers receivingdoughnut-shaped cushions instead of mugs andkettlessupply tumblers.

It only goes to show that when it comes to lucky bags it really is down to the luck of the draw. But theres no way Starbucks fukubukuro can get you wrong in terms of value for money, and good to see it coming into the lottery again next year!

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