Curieuses! If the train-in-a-park on Ghibli Museum entrance isn’t the Catbus?

Its been been staring us in the face all this time but not until now.

Its been staring at us all this time but never made the connection until now.

Weve visited Shini museum multiple times over the years since the 2001 opening of the Ghibli museum, but it took over 20 years to realize that something was hiding under our noses at the entrance to the complex.

Visiters line up outside in front of the entrance before entering, hand tickets to staff behind the counter under domed ceiling before ascending the staircase that takes them into the museum.

The entrance is warm and inviting from its birds-eye view above and front-on angle to see, but its not particularly significant, and certainly nothing like a character from a Ghibli movie.

Look at it side-on from outside the complex, and see something familiar begin to take shape. Ghibli Museum puts tweet on official Twitter account to everyone else’s attention.

(@GhibliML) Dec. 5, 2022

Tweet above lays out how the tweet reads:

A three-year-old boy pointed from this angle, saying, Mum! Catbus out! Can you tell us which part of the Catbus looks like?

Can you see it?

Shiho (@shiho_GHIBLI) Dec 5 2022

OMG I cant believe I never saw this before! Children’s eyes and imaginations are really amazing! Wow, kids make all sorts of surprises! Yes, I can see it! Lefthandy window from the big! Ive never visited the museum again, I never could! What amazing powers of observation! Now that Ive seen it I cant unsee it!

It’s quite like playing the role of a child who saw the Catbus in the movie My Neighbour Totoro, where young sisters Mei, Satsuki see the Catbus without seeing any adults around them.

Ghibli director Hayao Miyazaki explains and draws so many stories from a childs perspective.Even though it seems like it’s an Easter egg in real life that he was just waiting for the fans to discover, like the layers of meaning, symbols in his films, which still are learning about now!

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