Did you know that you can wash your smartphone at Japan’s McDonalds? Video

Ingenious two-step process lets you wash your hands and smartphone a little more quickly.

Ingenious two-step process allows you to easily clean both hands and your smartphone at a cost effective time.

Japan’s public restroom can be like sitting in the future, hi-tech toilets, relaxing waterscapes and contraptions that gauge your fatigue levels.

Another unusual feature to watch when visiting Japan smartphone cleaners by the washbasins. Its easy to find and clean your smartphone and hands with a two-step Sterilisation System that allows you to clean your phone and wash your hands in a single click to help ensure that once you have cleaned your hands, youll be able to take your sterilised phone and wash your hands at a single click.

Its incredibly well thought out of the hack, and is so easy to use as the Twitter user Sho Sawada (@shao1555) came across the wash basin at a McDonalds in Japan.

Voir Sawadas video showing the system in action below.

shao as service October 26, 2022

Sawada says the video was shorted for viewers as the UV light cleans the phone, but 30 seconds is the recommended time for proper hand-washing, making this the perfect setup.

Japanese company Wota namewosh washstand, creators of two-in-one cleaning system. They say water freedom for everyone, everywhere, and their video for the product shows it can be viewed outside of bathrooms, or even outside the house.

A number of Japanese companies want to take advantage of Wosh at their factories, including McDonalds, who installed it at their newly-opened Urawa Misono branch in Saitama Prefecture. Customers enjoy using washstand and its unique design helps to boost service communication between staff, customers at the store, creating a relaxed and friendly point of conversation.

And like chatting by the water cooler, if a water cooler could clean your smartphone simultaneously. Hey now thats a million-dollar idea for a creative entrepreneur to take on!

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