Dog toys, more for 1,023 yen, browse inside charms dog lucky bag

Who said only hoomans get lucky bags?

Who said only hoomans get lucky bags?

Sure there’s pet-themed lucky bags, but was you aware there’s also fukubukuro that is for pets?

Pet owners benefit from its trademark e-commerce site Charm – offering range of items for animals including cats, dogs. One thing that makes them a bit more brownie points is how they offer fukubukuro around the year-end holidays! Their popularity so high they sell out quickly, so Japanese-language reporter and Black Labrador owner Udonko was relieved to have one snatched.

Udonko chose toy Fukubukuro for Medium-Sized Dogs, which cost just 2,023 yen (US$15.32). Yes, the box isnt that remarkable, but whats important is whats inside! Dog wont care about boxs appearance anyway.

Udonko super impressed at first glance! It looked like a ton of toys and other pet care goods for under 3,000 yen. Here was what was inside:

Hartz Dental Bone Large Size (747 Yen value)

iDog Atsugiri Toast (935 yen value)

Amiami Tugging Rope Medium Size (980 yen value)

Coffee Wood Medium Size (450 yen value)

Pompreece PeePee Display Toy Japanese Spiny Lobster (1,100 yen value)

Side note: this is a squeaky toy so its likely PeePee part of the product name is likely to be on the squeaking sound.

Pompreece Digital Rope Toy Draft Beer (715 yen value)

Dish Soap for Dogs & Cats (1,698 yen value)

Rubbing Dental Care Sheets 30-pack (226 yen value)

Trance Paw Pad (880 yen value)

Dog Egg Dog Brush (850 yen value)

Durapet Slanted Bowl Large Size (1,500 yen value)

Pet Sheets With Tape Trial Pack (no yen value estimate)

Neo Sheets Celeb Trial Pack (no yen value estimate)

Mars 2023 Calendar (no yen value estimate)

All 14 items above seen to be valued at 14,001 yen over 5 times the lucky bags price 2,023 yen! If I really liked this pet, that is probably the best of all around.

But of course not Udonkos opinion which matters most with this lucky bag its the dogs. Pupper: Let’s test them out!

Udonko says she heard plenty of options for her big breed dog – even though the bag was labeled for mid-sized dogs. She was particularly pleased with the dental care sheets and pet-friendly dish soap.

Udonko was most worried about the toys, even though she was sure her dog would be in minutes. Perhaps the coffee wood will last longer – she thought; reluctantly offering it to the pup.

Looks like your smash!

EXPOSED Udonko steals its cellphone instantly. Happy pup, happy pup, Chew away. Her dog usually chews on wood-based toys, he believed that the coffee wood was particularly durable.

Udonko also test out In a Trance Paw Pad, Dog Egg as the dog was busy.

She began by brushing with the Dog Egg

and finishing with a Paw Pad massage.

Her dog stopped stoking coffee wood for another second. Maybe it’s really good? Udonko thought.

Coffee Wood!! Her dog went right to chewing work. No distraction allowed! Udonko: Thats fine, but stop making that face

If you sat up with a dog who enjoyed the coffee wood, try to go home, and you will see the cardboard box there.

Udonko wished, as long as they’re having fun, how long I’ve seen. Big Lucky bag – all in all! It’s a good reason that the animals sell out annually. Make sure to check the japanese charms website (Japanese) towards the end of 2023 to reserve one.