Easy and tasty Instant Miso soup ball recipe will help you clear your kitchenSoraKitchen

Simple and easy to make, these miso soup balls will help reduce any food you have lying around!

Simple and quick to make, these miso soup balls will help you re-use any ingredients you have lying around!

A whintessential part of Japanese cuisine is a steaming bowl of miso soup. Delicious, hearty & comforting Miso soup can be eaten with breakfast, lunch or dinner. Und while preparing a miso soup from scratch, frozen food company Nichirei Foods recently wrote a recipe for an easy-to-make miso soup ball that can be frozen for instant and easily, anytime you want!

(@nichirei_foods) Nov 17, 2022

Just five ingredients for the standard bowl of miso soup, just five on your back.


  • Driedfu(wheat bran)

This recipe doesnt use exact measurements for its ingredients as you can, instead just add as much or as little as youd like to get the best. dashi stock will always be added for bonito flakes if you don’t know how to use it.

Mix all ingredients in a bowl for a paste, then take a clump and roll it up into a ball. Lie the ball in a wrap with some Cling film/Saran wrap. Be sure you get done!

Ball can be refrigerated for up to a week, frozen for up to a month. When youe awaiting some miso soup, just unwrap the ball, place it in a bowl, add hot water on top and shake.

ta da! You have a great bowl of homemade miso soup!

Especially for you because these miso soup balls offer wide variety of customisations, and they can also be used in any kind of leftovers that you may have hanging up in your fridge. Nichirei shares their miso soup balls with you about them, and it’s so important to make sure that you stick to things like grated yam, sakura shrimp, shiso leaves, and pickled vegetables, basically, just to get that done.

What about different ingredients and making your own original Miso soup recipe? You might find out that the new flavour combinations youve never tried before will also be quite interesting. Don’t miss out on our balls if youre stuck for inspiration!

Myoga, shiso and ginger miso soup


  • Japanese ginger: Myoga
  • Ginger

Myoga, shiso leaves and ginger blend, give this miso soup a crisp, refreshing aroma, something you can try daily but definitely different from its usual miso-style counterpart.

Shibazuke pickle miso soup with pickle


Miso soup stars shibazuke pickles, eggplants pickled with ume plum vinegar, red shiso leaves. The sharp acidity of shibazuke pickles is surprising with its mild, spicy smell.

The shibazuke pickles also serve as tasty hidden surprise, daft on the surface as green onions do.

Shibazuke pickle miso soup pickle


  • Dried kelp shavings
  • Salated Japanese plum Umeboshi

Miso soup ball perfect for days when you don’t have much appetite. Its warm and comforting, so its the perfect way to use up any dried kelp you might have lying around, which is high in antioxidants.

Don’t get stale if more of these ingredients hard to get on where you are as you can throw whatever you have lying around in your miso soup bowl. Be creative! For the convenience of the freezer, go nuts.

One way to seal a pair with the masking tape when making your miso balls is to wash them up. I liked how easy it was to take a bunch of cute masking tape after it sag – it also makes them seem more straightforward to extract even after they have been frozen. In a similar fashion, its good to place your miso balls into a ziplock before freezing, so they wont get lost amongst your other frozen goods.

Frozen miso soup balls lend themselves to lots of fun experiments and great for getting out of your cupboards with leftover food. Which type of creative kulinaries can you choose?