fox-fun is up for a festive start

Year of the Rabbit!


Japan is celebrating New Years Day like Christmas Day in the West, only instead of having a trip to church we visit shrines and temples, instead of presents theres otoshidama, instead of Christmas dinner theres osechi and in place of wreaths and trees we have kadomatsuand kagami mochi.

Its a day filled with traditions thats usually spent quietly with family, and one of the few days of the year when people actually take time off work so be sure to take the day off to enjoy the festive festivitiesand our latest lucky bag hauls.

We hope everyone who shares our past year will enjoy the day!.

From anime, food, tech to Frappuccinos, always have the motto readers to watch, the tradition will continue in the coming years as we bring you even more weird and wonderful stories about Japan!

So well be raising a glass of sake to you as we celebrate New Years today. Hello, Happy New Year! Japan post more info tomorrow! May this be our best year yet!

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