Ikea’s cheap lucky bag captures the true essence of Japans fukubukuro tradition

Take a look at what we received for 1,000 yen!

Take a look at our 1,000 yen delivery time!

Year’s treasure hunt to find the countrys best fukubukuro lucky bags at Ikea in Shinjuku on 2 Jan. 2.

Take a look inside cheaper 1,000-yen bag we also bought after enjoying the contents of our 2,023-yen (US$15.52) bag. Only 100 of these on offer. We had an exciting time to visit things there.

3,023-yen lucky bag, blue, Ikea shark printed on it, weighed more on 1,000-yen lucky bag. There were still some durable, reusable items and part of a bargain bundle as it usually stands at 199 yen.

Who got 1,000 yen? Check out the haul, starting with the

A collection of photo frames!

Next up, we have two types of potato chips.

and a canned drink with a flavor that made us think it might be a potato-fruited drink, but it turned out to be organic ginger ale.

Paper napkins eventually stopped working

Wood spatula

Pack of freezer bags on bear-printed back

and an eco bag, in the same dotty design, we received at the expensive Ikea Fukubukuro.

Tallying everything together revealed that our 1,000 yen bag contained nine items worth more than 1,713 yen.

This was an excellent return for our investment, and not only were we happy the fact we now own two identical shopping bags.

We also liked the cute freezer bags and paper napkins

Photo frames.

We often keep saved photos on our phone and have no idea how they can be pressed out to display them; they gave us the nudge for some memorable work moments for posterity.

These photographs now have a home next to Ikea elephant and Amazon Japans lowest-rated Shiba Inu tissue cover.

A fun haul filled with items that we may not necessarily buy but wouldnt say no to. Lucky bag tradition gives some big chunk of the line-up, and looking forward to doing so next year – that is why they had already done this!!

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