In drogue slough in the mouth, Ginza Cozy Corners Disney lucky bag fukubukuro leaves us with a bad taste

Not exactly the greatest bag on Earth.

Not exactly the happyest bag on Earth.

Long-established confectionery chain Ginza Cozy Corner is a home for Japanese folks. Theres so much fun to spend around the weekend shopping for tasty, cute baked goods showcasing the tradition of their many family-owned stores in Japan.

Cozy Corners demand rises around New Years but annual Lucky Bags filled with goodies worth over what you pay for. Lucky Bags: Weve been one of many customers indulging in their lucky bags year after year, but this year bag was somewhat different, and heres why.

TheDisney New Years Sweets Bagretailed for 1,080 yen (US$8.08) and was filled with various items:

Four butter madeleines

Two baked chocolates

And four Mickey Mouse pattern cookies

That comes to 12 pieces covering five different types of products. Becausewell: three years ago we paid the same amount for a lucky bag at the chain, and received the following items.

Two additional strawberries madeleines

Well, this is a small, small thing, but when you are going to see the value of money you received, we felt wed been duped of 178 yen, roughly the price of two madeleines.

But some of the advantages of finding one here is still to see, considering a lot of raw materials costs, but when looking at another lucky bag they offered this year, called New Years Fun Bag without the Disney name attached to it, this is what it contains:

In the same time, twice the amount of items.

This year’s New Years Fun Bag, taken by Tiger, clocked exactly the same items, only with rabbit on the cookies on the right instead of tiger.

Which bag would you rather get for 1,080 yen?

Personally, wed prefer to get the bag to 24 instead of 12 instead. Even Disney fans would have no choice but to sacrifice sweets for brand new tote bag.

Call us a sucker for sweets, but lack of treats left us feeling duped – now we question whether or not well invest in Cozy Corner bag next year. Cozy Corner to back up their game next year with so many competitors offering vouchers that cover the bag’s cost while giving us free merch to boot.

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