Japan Muji Fukukan still puts up Lucky Bag Favourite New Years New Year

A small improvement on last year but nothing like the cans of glory days

Quite positive but no better than the cans of glory days.

Japan reaches New Years tradition offukubukuro every time we enter -literally lucky bags. Fukubukuro generally features a large bundle of random goods that cost more than the one you pay for, but over at retail giant Muji they like to do something differently with bundling their items in afukukan (lucky can) instead.

Fukukan proves quite difficult last year, less supply than previous year, no caps to reuse can; so keen to know if chain had pushed its game for 2023.

Last years can drew flack as it just had a pull-ring lid so it cant be reused as a sealable container.

We noticed a few things about this years can wasthe resealable lid had returned!

Well, this years Muji can was well done for us, therefore we thought we had something more interesting and interesting to see.

The can was open, we pulled it out.

First, you could get the Muji gift card worth 2,023 yen (US$15.51) back at $375.

Nothing to be said about here, given the fukukan cost 2,023 yen. No-one had to do was dive inside the box, where we pulled theUnglazed Nagomi Doll Rabbit from Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture.

Muji has a tradition to make a collection of decorative talismans in New Years cans from hand-crafted artisans from around Japan, and it was particularly cute as it contained a clapper inside, making it a bell that jingled when it moved.

Last years fukukan also contained gift card and decorative talisman, which was quite mediocre compared to previous years.

For this years fukukan looked like it contained two more items wrapped in paper however. That would bring total number of decorative items to three, more like what we saw with Muji.!

Having already seen nothing – however Upon opening the paper we found they containednothing at all?!

Again, we had already been thinking, for the second year in a row, is that all? The can had raised our expectations, then squandered them, leaving us thinking, for another year in a row,? This wasnt just a case of missing items, either because a friend who bought a Muji can got a cute Choshu earthen bell turtle from Mine City, Yamaguchi Prefecture

Aside from the same deceive paper packing in the case of the same pc.

Oh well!. We feel we have so good expectations of Muji in the premier place. Second year of giving only gift card and talisman seems to be how things go forward for future fukukan.

Still, we received the items we collected, so it wasnt a total loss.

We had mixed feelings about Muji fukukan let alone. On the other hand, they had listened to customer feedback and included a resealable lid which was a boost but we couldnt help but feel angry for the cans of 2021, which came with a handpainted daruma and two lucky stainless steel bookmarks.

The new year began with a bittersweet idea, however, so much time has struggled for firms since the outbreak, so we guess we cant be too hard on them. At least we were able to get enough of some other good-value fukubukuro to get ahead with the slightly more disappointing ones!

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