Japan sell-out hit at New Year’s Studio Ghibli fukubukuro

Top Ghibli merchandise haul ever!

Our Best Ghibli Superse haul To The World!

Our Japan reporter K. Masami is one of the biggest fans of Studio Ghibli and Donguri Kyowakoku store for selling studios official items. Donguri Kyowakoku loves to search the shelves for new Ghibli items throughout the year, but knows to save some money for New Year when chain launches annual fukubukuro Lucky Bags – always filled with fantastic items worth more than what you pay for, and not disappointed her yet.

Lone downside to these bags is their popularity which means you can miss out if youre not in the know with how, where they should be purchased. Masami was right at the time as she had to work that day to make reservations to some stores and couldn’t make reservations until the afternoon, which was why a lot of places had already reached their reservation quota.

Osaka relying on the store to make her reservation, she reached its quota by that time, so in a panic, she called a Kyoto store to see if she could make a reservation there. They told her they had a few spots left but they were going to close soon, so she hopped in a taxi and told the driver to take the fastest possible route, and spent 1,400 yen (US$10.68) on the fare.

Masami made a booking after the panicked cab ride, handing over 5,000 yen ($38.13) for the bag and receiving the below voucher to the store between 28 December and 4 January – but was so satisfied with receiving the voucher, which she would have to hand over to staff to redeem her fukubukuro between 28 and 4 January.

Fukubukuro must be picked up from the same store where reservation was made because it is paid for in advance. Masami had reserved hers at Ninenzaka branch, just near Kiyomizudera temple in Kyoto so she came back to pack up her bag at the start of the year.

N.Nineenzaka branch is located in a tourist area that doesnt frequent many locals, likely which gives her the chance to get an email soon.

Masami picked up fukubukuro, especially as shed was so fast of missing out on it, then opened bag to get out on shed receipt; she was thrilled to find it was her best haul to date.

Lets look into everything she received from her favourite items, starting with theSpirited Away Accessory Box Feast.

This cute container is quite large enough for your hand but has a solid feel to it.

All of the things about this item and everything else would be like free bonuses, normally priced at 4,730 yen.!

What did she earn for free? Whole swag of goods, including aKikis Delivery Service Nostalgic Piggy Bank in shape of magical black cat Jiji.

Kikis Delivery Service Rain Bag Also Found

My Neighbour Totoro Antibacterial Lunch Box

This Lighter My Neighbour Totoro Antibacterial Lunch Box With More Carriers

Kikis Delivery Service Antibacterial Dishwasher Compatible Combi Set containing reusable spoon and pair of chopsticks

Earwig, Witch Badge.

Oh, and in the bag from Acorn Republic, our eyes canst remember the cute Donguri Kyowakoku branded bag it all came in.

Ghibli Lucky Bag, though, can’t have increased from previous years, was best edging in value for money and contents from previous years. Masami says: “It was completely worth it”.

Shell certainly be purchasing a new bag next year, if she can find one before they sell out. Ghibli goods always hit the market, so far, recent humidifiers, New Years decorations sold out as soon as they went on sale, so shell definitely be clearing her calendar for lucky bag reservation day come December!

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