Japanese Internet asks who’s around Creepy shrine video, if it leads to alternative world

It even feels like its own Dont come in here warning alarm

It even feels like it has its own Dont come in here warning alarm.

Shinto shrines can take on a more naive air under certain conditions like old churches and cathedrals. Maybe it has something to do with mystical symboles reminding us frail humans of our powerlessness and inability to grasp the secrets of our universe but sometimes the vibe shrines give off is less Come on into and commune with our local deity and more Stay out if you want to remain in your world.

Japanese Twitter user @JIYUKENKYU_jp recently shared this video/photo combo with a very good example.

toshibo (@JIYUKENKYU_jp) Dec. 22, 2022

I found this entrance to an isekai (alternate world), complete with a warning alarm, @JIYUKENKYU_jp tweets.

OK, so the sound is actually from the railroad crossing as warning that the crossing guards are still down after a train has passed. But hearing them echo into the night, as red lights reflect off shrines torii gate, is definitely not easy, but the whole thing doesnt get any more outweighed as @JIYUKENKYU_jp steps toward shrines entrance and everything is suddenly sinking into silent darkness.

If I walk through this, not sure I would get any sleep. My head ringing says I would be out all night. Its likeyou can feel something must be alive inside there. Right? Last save point before boss battle? Gonna have to go buy some protection-from-evil talismans. Ah, so this is the reason we hear so much about alternate worlds the worlds. Not sure theres any guarantees that youll ever be able to return to our world if you go in here.

toshibo (@JIYUKENKYU_jp) Dec 22 2022

Quite bad for you, but you want to look at Google Streetviews afternoon picture for Otori Shrine, but with cheery twists.

Also, if youd, understandably, rather brave such potentially world-swapping adventure vicariously, @JIYUKENKYU_jp regularly posts photos of his expeditions to shrines and ruins.

toshibo (@JIYUKENKYU_jp) Dec 22 2022

Theres no doubt he hasn’t been sucked into any isekai yet, but would he stop posting?.

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