KFC Japan liaises us a finger-lickin good lucky bag for 2023

Fried chicken fukubukuro makes us laugh over New Years resolutions

Fried chicken fukubukuro is great way to forget New Years resolutions.

Japan’s fukubukuro lucky bags in Jan-December start year as Christmas. Some of these discounted bundles are hotter than others, but every year it appears that the fast food fukubukuro sit above everyones wish list. Looked like it was going to be a ‘thank you’ to the KFC Lucky Bag which is now out on New Years Day.

KFC Lucky Bag: We had almost no plan of getting a KFC bag this year – they ended up selling out at the first store where we lined up for them.

After two stores we went to, they told us the bags had sold out through pre-sale reservations.

Third store we visited: bags get us a little bit too much, we got it as there weren’t more than 10 more left.

Owing to being more than just the most experienced fukubukuro hunters, even we felt really pleased with the demand for the KFC fukubukuro. Here’s the thing that makes this fad so wanted.

This years bag is priced at 2,600 yen (US$19.91) 100 yen more than last year and includes original tote bag, vouchers booklet and anOtoshidama Coupon Pass.

But hey, we werent complaining. The coupon pass named after otoshidama, which monetary gifts children inherited from New Year.

The coupon pass that we received with the Kenta Oju (bottom) and the fukubukuro (upper) were different

The above discount can be accessed by either 26 December-31 March or as many times as you prefer, which is quite a good way to get people to drop out all their healthy eating challenges in the first few months of the year.

Vouchers booklet doesnt take its way to help, with3,240 yen worth of discounts covering the following menu items:

  • Three vouchers for twochicken fillet pieces
  • Chicken fillet burger, available at the door to a Japanese style chicken cutlet burger (two vouchers)
  • Small Fries (two vouchers)
  • Five-piece Chicken Nuggets (one voucher)

Comparisons between theOtoshidama Coupon Passwith previous years show this years version has the lowest discount yet.

KFC lucky bag definitely worth adding to New Year list of must-have fukubukuro. No wonder its so sought after and hard to find, much like the McDonalds Lucky bag that we also had this year!

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