Lucky bag first disappoints then turns down after McDonalds Japans 2023 fukubukuro

Golden arches misses key in some ways, then comes back after all

Some points, golden arches miss mark but rips it over to it.

We have been walking around the town searching for some of the best fukubukuro lucky bags Japan has to offer, with 2023 officially being launched. This lucky bag has thousands of items worth more than you pay for them, and one of the bags that ranks in the top spot every year is McDonalds.

Gold arches like to make some special branded goods for their fukubukuro, so this year is no different, with Chums to accompany their 2023 festivities.

Japanese apparel brand Chums is specialized in outdoor gear, accessories.

Our reporter Seiji Nakazawa swore little disappointed at the size of the Chums bag he was receiving as part of the bundle.

It was advertised as a mini shoulder bag, but Seji felt it was more like a pouch that could hold little more than a smartphone.

On the bright side, the rest of the bag was less disappointing, with lots of vouchers giving him the below items for free:

  • Double Thick Beef Burger Roasted Soy Sauce Style Roasted
  • Bacon Lettuce Burger
  • ShrimpFilet-O Burger

Lucky bag value covered by vouchers and need to be used by the 30 June, as an analogy to last years. No one could have anything else in the bag with any of the free gifts, with one that had improved especially over the past year.

McDonalds mug.

mug better quality and look this year, as you can see.

Seiji likes the look of this item and reckons hell can use it throughout the year.

So far as all the other goodies in the bag, Seiji get aCleaning Cloth and aZipper Pouch – which brings the total to four Chums-branded items, with the free vouchers.

McDonalds lucky bag for 2023 was also a bad haul even compared to 2022 and 2021 bags it took for the first time.

But we still hold a nice win over 2018 fukubukuro with better bag, calendar, cards and much better bag for ourselves. We hope to see something more like that in their minds next year!

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