Lucky bags of Japanese food court cream puff chain have 1-hour lineups

Beard Papa, Your New Year For Everyone

Beard Papa: Everyone wants it for New Years.

Shopping malls offers all sorts of cheap gifts to shoppers and only a few acquire the reputation of having the most sought after lucky bags in Japan.

Starbucks certainly is one, minimalist lifestyle chain Muji had already made its name, recently their offerings seem to be falling. Many might also feel surprised to see a chain of cream puff venders often found in stores of stores, Beard Papa growing star in lucky bag scene.

This is also surprising since year after year they offer identical things: six-pack of cream puffs and gift certificates all in a Beard Papa tote bag. Despite its simplicity, people seem to flock to get one. Ms Masami was shocked with this line-up even when we sent her to our writer, she was welcomed.

Masami hardly saw the counter from the end of the line

It was an hour-long line to get a Beard Papa lucky bag. Masami went to other Beard Papa locations, found all sold out, so this likely wasnt a piece of cream-puff mass-hysteria – at least not every one.

Sign states what’s being offered in each bag when she ends off line. Three custard cream puffs, three strawberry cream puffs, four 500-yen gift certificates and a tote bag for 2.500 yen (US$19).

All excluding the value of the bag itself, the sign actually crunches the numbers for us and shows that each bag contains 3,314 yen ($25) worth of cream puffs, certificates for an impressive 814 yen ($6).

Because the cream puffs go all the way on-site, one of the reasons to long wait is because it is all baked there. So, on bright side, after all the waiting she could be sure hers were as fresh as possible.

Strawberry one first and in true Beard Papa fashion it was full of cream.

Unfortunately, if you too got a Beard Papa bag, it might not be time to get around. If fact, it was too late by when Masami stayed at her own mall.

Beard Papa bags have been remarkably consistent, so we can probably expect the same thing again next year. Perhaps its that no-nonsense reliability that made them one of the most popular lucky bag sellers in the country.

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