Lucky Mos Burger x Cinnamoroll bag is a hit for Sanrio fans

Japanese fast food chain gets popular character for New Years fukubukuro

Japanese fast food chain matches popular name for New Years fukubukuro.

Japanese fast food chain Mos Burger is joining small bear character Rilakkuma for New Years fukubukuro lucky bag for the celebrations this year.

Puy enlisted for job is Sanrios Cinnamoroll – and popularity helped to make bag bags a sell-out hit when pre-sales opened on 1 Dec. We almost missed out on getting a bag ourselves, as only a limited number available and couldnt make a reservation until 11 December, when we visited 20 stores that had all sold out.

Japan’s Chiba Prefecture eventually found one store that still accepts reservations, so we had the ability to pick up a bag on Dec. 30, when they became available.

Its important to preorder a Mos Burger fukubukuro, because when we visited New Years Day, there was a sign to let people know that theyd already sold out.

(kanbaiorei) literally means sold out gratitude – what is just a nice way of saying thank you – sold out.

So here is a look at this years Mos Burger Lucky Bag, produced in collaboration with Cinnamoroll and won Sanrio Character Awards for 3 consecutive years.

First up, we have the vouchers which offer discounts totalling 3,500 yen (US$26.73).

All this is a 500-yen price increase from last years lucky bag, which cost 3,000 yen, but considering that toll of free vouchers has also grown, its no real loss to customers.

Cinnamoroll items were essentially free bonus because vouchers covered the cost of the bag so here’s how!.

Pocket mirror

Mini pouch

and a fluffy hair band.

Handy for keeping the hair out of your face during your skincare routine.

Last but not least, we have a fluffy blanket which well be used as a lap blanket to keep warm while working at the office.

So I’ve learned all over the world about the Mos Burger lucky bag and its worth having extra discount on menu items, perks and exclusive tie-ups to boot. Cinnamoroll is a character thats going places after joining forces with Sailor Moon, and even Hersheys!

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