McDonalds Japan ad from Fist of the North Star creatorvideo Gives Adult Auto More Sinn

Enjoy being an adult!

Enjoy being an adult!

Manga art gets far less macho than works of Tetsuo Hara. Hara is renowned for performing the art of Fist of the North Star and has become an artist of the Year and yet it doesnt have any downsides for his work. He draws adult heroes doused in full-grown old-school masculinity, stout of heart, rippling of musculature.

Haras characters often seen wandering through post-apoalyptic wastelands or kingdoms at war as such. McDonalds TV shows Haras newest character; however.

The perspective of the video swoops around to show our protagonist and a samurai clinging to the side of a sheer cliff face, starting with a close-up of a falcon flying through the skies. Japan’s on-screen text greeting reads, samurai catches up with thoughts as he resumes climb. Adults face tough challenge. Walls that stand before you tall in the workplace, family, dealing with your own age.

Samurai narrows his fate with his next handhold and leaps fearlessly across the chasm after brief pause to steel his resolve.

Tomorrow we make the future! Mark continues, fingers gripping the rock like the talons of the falcon flying by. Finally, he starts riding through the mountain top with another shot. Keep moving forward even if its just one step at a time. Never stop, and one day, when you reach your goal, you will see the ultimate view, samurai tells us, admiring the Mt. Fuji and Tokyo skyline before giving us one final command

Enjoy being an adult!

Dude takes gigantic bite off burger.

Climbing, whether hamburger would go on in kimono folds or if it was still waiting at the top of the mountain like a video game power-up. One of McDonalds Japan’s new Samurai Mac burgers, yes, though. Retrograde Japanese-style Barbecue Tamago Nikuatsu Beef cheeseburger known as hatcho miso, dark-colored premium miso paste – burger. The new Ninniku Zakugiri Potato Nikuatsu Beef cheeseburger features smoked bacon, a potato patty for the beef one, and soy and spicy garlic chili/pepper sauces, which makes the toppings available for the Samurai Mac section.

WW Wafu Barbecue Tamago Nikuatsu Beef (left) and Ninniku Zakugiri Potato Nikuatsu Beef (right)

Both sandwiches price at 500 yen (3.80 U.S. dollar). Somehow, being an adult, just be rewarded with a bite of burger, and usually come back for New Years vacation.

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