New Food, cooking news fox-fun Year in Review

Lets be honest about what went in our bellies.

Lets sit back with our bellies to read the years top stories.

Here are our top tales of eating, finding and preparing food in 2022 between Japans rich indigenous food culture and eagerly expressing interest in gourmet cuisine and simple comfort food from abroad.

Top 2022 food stories

U.S. air force’s shake and fries patch hidden meaning in Japan

First thing Japan’s shake and fries is coming, but not because theyre homesick for American cuisine.

It sounds like Costco, but its actually Dodosuco we visit look-alike store

Would a Costco by any other name be as sweet as the mega warehouse that we know and love?

We explore izakaya in Thailand billed as Middle Aged Mans Paradise, try food illegal in Japan

Japan food that you cant get in this place is hit with a certain demographic.

Burger King Japan launches world’s first Ice Whopper

Flame-broild, but top with ice?!?

Mandarin orange peelsnt trash, treasure! Three chimpi tips to reuse your mikan skins

Mose peels can’t be absorbed into your skin, so don’t be afraid to add your spln to them? Grannie teaches us a lesson again: Rethink.

2022 top cooking stories

Hotel guests boiled crabs in rooms kettle angry to pay for damages

Sure,its fun to figure out what youre going to cook, how youre going to do it. Just remember to ask yourself and say if you’re talking about cooking something.

Well, what is that thin blank sheet on top of Japanese miso?

Enthusiasmus to throw away that irritating strip of paper every time you need a scoop of miso for a recipe? Leave it there because its got a lot to do.

Japan’s Milk Tea Maker – the Life-Changing Power

Fancy cafe-style drinks at home? We may never return to the house again.

Japanese woman finds better way to make potato salad, may not be able to go back to old style

Were not going anywhere else… Honestly were being rude to get it so straight.

Weve discovered the toughest toasted sandwich yet, and waited for something to turn over from the grill

Hot sandwich maker lets you cook anything, but we say the first should be beef croquette sandwich.

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