No mystery with regards to the adorable Sanrios 2023 fukubukuro lucky bags

2023s lucky bag is not only pretty, but for our reporter, quite thorough

The 2023s lone lucky bag is not only really cute, but really profound for our reporter.

Japanese stores offer bargain items for a dramatically reduced price, and only catch is the fact that you cant choose what is inside the bag, and often cant see the contents until after you buy one.

Lucky bags already covered from stores like McDonalds, Ikea, Starbucks; our reporter K.Masami managed to get a Lucky Bag from Sanrio, the company behind cute characters like Hello Kitty and Cinnamoroll.

Masami had to stop to her local Sanrio store, where lucky bags sold out almost immediately online. Three types of lucky bag, each containing items based on specific character. The most expensive bags were 5,990 yen (US$45.70), available either in Hello Kitty or Cinnamoroll options. So far, there were 3,990 yen bags available in Hello Kitty, My Melody, Pom Purin, Kuromi, Cinnamoroll. Lucky Bag cheapest in Hello Kitty, My Melody or Cinnamoroll.

Lots of different varieties to choose from, but Masami came for the Pom Pom Purin lucky bag, only available at 3.990 yen level. Just what kind of cute goods would be waiting for her inside the bag?

Pom Pom Purin cuddly toy Pom Pom Pom Purin socks Pom Pom Purin socks Pom Pom Purin bath towel Pom Pom Purin socks Shrine placard-shaped acrylic key ring Pocchaco cable holder: Little Twin Stars acrylic stand Antibacterial mask case My Melody Mask Pom Pom Ponin tent size, pinky toy Kuromi streamer holder

All in all, a decent selection of goods for just 3,990 yen. Masami didn’t think shed would use things like the cable holder, the shopping bag, and the Pom Pom Purin stuff were really cute. My Melody mask was a little too tight for her face if she had to nitpick, despite being listed as adult size. Perhaps adults who wear My Melody merchandise in their daily life typically have smaller faces? Who knows.

But the items Masami was particularly curious about were the tent-shaped cuddly toy, and the Kuromi streamer holder.

The tent-shaped cuddly toy looked like this.

otaINF0 (@otaINF0) Jan 24, 2022

Masami still wasnt sure how sheds can handle this creepy toy, but she could not believe it was a bit cute.

The streamer holder looked like a mysterious mystery. Watch the video – Masami could tell from the instructions about the key chain for store pieces of streamers that fall from the ceiling at the end of concerts.

You know gig closes when they start raining from the roof.


Masami wasnt quite sure how a product was made for such a specific purpose, but shesnt really familiar with the world of oshikatsu (supporting your favourite idols/characters), and wearing accessories with your oshis designated colour is something of a must when working in oshikatsu.

Masami recalls how important keeping in touch with current trends and aspects of life she isn’t familiar with, especially as she rises. Were never too old to stop learning new things, after all.

Sanrio 2023 ad hoc lucky bag for Masami, not only cute but nonetheless. Lucky bag a must for hardcore character fans.