Pizza Burger? Chain teases buyers with promise of new menu item in the works

New product tells us that it changes our attitude about burgers

New product thought to change things about burgers.

Dominos Pizza holds top market share in Japan, consistently tops competition by thinking outside of the box with new and new ways for customers to enjoy pizza.

Somewhere they have given us Christmas reindeer deliveries, kabe-don wall pounds from delivery drivers but now theyre looking beyond pizzas and talking about burgers with an added thing thats said to change the way we think about burgers.

Only image theyve released of whats in store to come, is its cryptic message, but not supported by the truth.

It looks like Dominos hints at an influx of burgers as shown in the image above. Butare they real?

Dominos says new flavoured menu offers lots of more tasty dishes as new flavours are being developed for those who have already been wanting to eat more. Pizza rice bowls, known as Dominos burger set to be released for Japanese market, and were not sure if the project is actually up to date.

Pizza theBurger Joint Pizza recently brought to international customers.

Burger Joint Pizza’s hand shape in promo photos looks similar to hands in cryptic Japanese image.

Burger Joint Pizzas – Sort Of Burger-style Pizzas. Burger Joint Cheeseburger, Burger Joint Bacon Cheeseburger, Burger Joint Hamburger and Burger Joint Bacon Hamburger are the four dishes that feature.

Pizzas loaded with beef burger pieces, mozzarella, American cheese slices, and butter pickles topped with a special burger sauce, so that might be what the chain does well for Japan’s customers.

The new menu item’s to be available on 16 Jan, ready for delivery and the mystery will be resolved then. Definitely to try this new menu item as eager lovers of both burgers and pizzas, but keep checking out our site for further details.!

Source: PR Times Featured image: PR Times Inserting images: Dominos Australia