Plant fukubukuro transforms our apartment into a indoor garden for New Year

Unique Japanese lucky bag bloomin superlative

The unusual Japanese lucky bag bloomin.

We spend most of our time shopping for fukubukuro, prestigious grab bags that have contents worth more than what you pay for.

And while food and clothes make our fukubukuro wishlist all year, there’s also bags for gardeners, which we discovered last year when we bought our Indoor Plant Lucky Bag for 6,480 yen (US$49.06) that gave us the below items.

Last year haul, but only bought from same store on online shopping site Rakuten, for 6,800 yen, we decided to invest again in a plant fukubukuro.

Big Box – as shown at a Nintendo Switch for a better picture of size – the bag arrived in a large box.

Two-piece box inside, means plants secure packed and perfectly unseamaged upon delivery.

The amazing display made it even harder to relax after we unpacked the box. The pack included descriptions that created the plant-like mood which made it easier to bury the plants.

First up, We have a pretty Prima Obconica, and in good size. Its long flowering season has brought it to fruition in the darkest of days -plant.

Next up, Primrose, the Fairy primrose, flowers from December through April. Pink flowers reminded us of sakura cherry blossoms, and it was nice to see a hint of sakura in winter.

Next plant, called a stock, contains genus of flowering plant from Brassicaceae mustard.

Le calendula blossomed with a gorgeous yellow flower that opens when the sun hit it and closes when the sun goes down.

Janome Erica grows, richly packed fine flowers in bln folia.

The stamens are black and look like the eyes of a snake, hence the Japanese name janome, meaning the eye of the snake.

The North Pole displayed a beautiful white flower, and we could see lots of buds on the plants, which promised to cover the foliage in the next few weeks.

Sweet Alyssumlooked beautiful with its dainty white flowers, and had a slightly sweet scent that was impressive.

Sweet Alyssum goes well with pansies and violas, so stayed home with them for a while, and now we feel extremely satisfied.

Goldcrest Conifer in two sizes was the final item on the collection.

With all the plants on the table, we did get the best of both of the efforts we put into choosing the plants for this lucky bag and saw that it was worth the effort and effort that had gone into choosing the plants for this lucky bag for a lot of fun.

This fukubukuro was the only vehicle to go to the factory, with 16 plants out of total. Though quantity and quality of the contents were impressive, we also saw that it took the guesswork, decision-making out of purchasing plants and sometimes leave us feeling cold and confused.

Bright ambiance filled with life and colour for us all, until blooms fade. But by then, the country will be on bloom in sakura season, which naive now looks far from!

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