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Japan's Best Value for Money Bags at New Year

Japan’s top bargain-for-money bags -No New Year!

Plurging on lucky grab bags called fukubukuro with Christmas now over and New Years on the way. These bagged with Nollywood rite of doodle Mister Donut wants to spill the beans on what they are packed with Pokemon goodies and with good reason they are filled with mystery content.

Mister Donut x Pokemon bags went on sale on 26 Dec, crowds lined up before stores opened.

One of the people in line for a bag was our reporter Tasuku Egawa, who found three types to choose from: 2,400 yen, 3,600 yen, or 5,900 yen.

So let’s go to myMister Donut xPokemon voucher, which nets him 50 free doughnuts to be jubilant by 31 May as it helps him pay £9.350 yen ($7,900) each.

And that’s 9,350 yen worth of doughnuts right here

But just the voucher alone makes this much better deal but the free items in the bag make things even more nice.

Theres bath towel

Hand towel

Tote bag

Document is clear and clear

2023 calendar

And last but not least, a schedule book.

Lucky bags, so Egawa was so thrilled to see that there was one with Pikachu on the cover that really was lucky!

The five designs seen on the upper right of the promotional display.

The lowest bag scores 20 doughnuts and a tote bag,calendar, memo pad, hand towel; the3,600-yen lucky bag includes all that plus aclear file, schedule book, and more. The 5,900-yenbag also boasts extra doughnuts and bath towel, so that’s the one most people were buying on release day when Egawa visited the store.

You wont be disappointed no matter which bag you choose as you have more than their moneys worth with just the doughnut voucher. And if you get out before the end of the year, you can also use that voucher to buy a Jigglypuff doughnut while theyre on sale as well!

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