Ramen-flavored popcorn? It’s probably the only snack food with the best flavor available from now on

Japan’s stores/stomachs drive two types of ramen popcorn

Two types of ramen popcorn heading to Japan stores/stomachs.

Popcorn always a tasty snack, but its even easier with a special topping or flavor. Japan getting some more buzzy this month: ramen-flavored popcorn!

The thanks for this innovation go to Super Cup maker Ace Cook, one of Japans favorite cup ramen brands. Quite a few different varieties in Super Cup, though; Ace Cook chose two of its favorite ramen flavors to turn into popcorn.

New Super Cup Tonkotsu Popcorn starts off. Tonkotsu ramen and pork-stock broth began growth on Japans southwestern island of Kyushu, but now makes one of the best-loved, most-eaten varieties of ramen nationwide, and its meaty mix of savory and salty flavors should impart maximum munchability to the popcorn.

With even more bolder flavor, theres also Super Cup Pork Kimchi Popcorn. Ace Cook says it packs all cup ramen-versions noodle broth, gives (or perhaps warns) that this is a snack youll find yourself looking for again and again.

Both flavors go on sale Jan 23 so well have to see if we have any bags of sweet mochi popcorn left over so we can have both main-course and dessert in popcorn form.

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