Sentai unveils Quartet of Home Video Releases for April 2023

North American anime publisher Sentai announces four home video releases for the month - Blu-ray, earlier versions of Fantasista Doll, and newer versions such as Ya Boy Kongming! Scroll down to see if any of their April 2023 releases are of interest: []

North American anime retailer Sentai confirms set of four home video releases for January, including Blu-ray releases of earlier licenses such as Fantasista Doll, and Newer Releases such as Ya Boy Kongming! Scroll down to see if any April 2023 releases are of interest

Release Date:4 April 2023Language:JapanesePrice:$49.98

Uzume Uno, 14, is an outstanding card player who has already won major tournament. Perhaps its because fate decided to deliver very special deck of cards to Uzumes hands; an armored deck that can summon, equip and control five artificial warriors known as Fantasista Dolls! And this is not a game played to draw more players. The World, everyone on its side is facing a skewed danger from only the Fantasistas. And Uzume is far from ready to compete. Now she must push herself to the edge to get things done, beg her skills to push themselves to the toughest point as other Card Masters challenges for dominance. Because it looks good for the card game. And Shes in FANTASISTA DOLL for our future!

To Love Ru

Release Date:11 April 2023Language:English, JapanesePrice:$129.98

Statistics suggest bathrooms are the room where accidents most likely to occur, but even so, who could ever predict that an alien princess splashing down from space while youre in the bathtub? And yet, as tiny as they might be, thats exactly where Rito Yuki, rub-a-dub-dubbing and thinking of the girl he secretly loves, when the alignment of the planets, a slight misunderstanding of intergalactic etiquette, and an unfortunate placement of hands all combine to change the course of interstellar history! To LOVE RU’s unique multi-series complete collection of the most famous star-crossed young couple to face in life!

Ya Boy Kongming!

Official Date:18 April 2023Language:English, JapanesePrice:$69.98

Zhuge Kongmings mind shakes on life as one of China’s greatest military strategists and statesmen in 234 – wondering what could have been if he was born in less turbulent times. Inexplicably, Kongming is in a bigger body in a very strange home! But why has modern Japan brought master of feudal diplomacy and war to market? Best burgers aspiring singer Eiko Tsukimi also entrancing destiny. Kongmings quest gets the job done: Applying his powerhouse, intellect and bag of ancient Chinese secrets to make Eiko a star! Pity now the executive of Japan’s music industry, they are not mere men, and they face promotional assault of a legend reborn: YA BOY KONGMING!


Release Date:25 April 2023Language:English, JapanPrice:$129.98

The nightmare runs on Tokyo’s famous Ginza shopping district in a dimensional gateway and unleashes an army of monsters and armored men over panicking crowds! One man is even better prepared than anyone else: Defense Force reservist Yoji Itami, rabid comic and sci-fi fan whos seen this scenario played out in endless fantasies. That is just enough edge to rally police, first responders, turning back the invasion! And for his quick actions, hes rewarded with an active duty promotion and thrown back into the fire with the vanguard team who is charged with expanding beyond the portal! But even as his faces off against elves, beasts, and other creatures, the worst threat of all lurks behind him, on the human side of the GATE!