Simple three second steps to make noodles look restaurant quality

Soba restaurant pro hacks big enough to make a quick look every time

Soba restaurant pro hacks youvell see that every time you like, get a fast look.

Japan’s toshikoshi soba, or Year Crossing Soba, is a short buckwheat noodles for you to break into your new one on the last day of the year.

Long noodles also are a nice wish for longevity in 2015.

Today is the perfect time to share some really cool presentation hack that not all people can do. With most of us cooking up noodles at home, here is how I love it!. And the only thing about it being that it can be applied to any type of noodle, whether it be Year Crossing noodles or regular soba, udon or ramen.

In the background, our reporter Go Hatori is sharing the hack with us, learning a lesson when he was given a Japanese soba restaurant his chefs license. Hett is easy to follow, and a bowl of freshly boiled noodles, with hot broth, has it all.

As for how noodles actually work at home, this is what results are usually.

In Europe that prides itself on perfect presentation, noodles like this wont make the cut in most soba restaurants. And thats where Gos hack comes in. Are you ready for future changes to your noodle presentation habits? Then head over to Gos movements below.

What you must do is lift the large clump of noodles above the bowl with your chopsticks, then lay them down in a folding motion, pointing toward you, then laying the noodles on the far side of the bowl, nearest your chopsticks.

It takes seconds to achieve; outcome is dramatically different.

Before (left) and after (right)

Think of your noodles for a big celebration like New Years on some greens, a couple of prawn tempura on top.

Go cheated by buying his prawn tempura ready-made from supermarket, no know what the meal is without.

So remember to try Gos hack when you decide to impress your guests with a meal of noodles, or simply want to zhuzh up a bowl for yourself. It only takes three seconds to make your noodles look like the soba youd eat at a fancy restaurant, therefore theres no reason not to give it a try!

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