Symphony of Truth Goes Live Next Thursday

HoYoverse confirms Honkai Impact 3rd action game will receive version 6.3 update, Symphony of Truth, this coming Thursday, 12 Jan 2023 Bronya finally knows the Herrscher of Honkai, Project Stigma, as the true natures of Honkai progressively revealed in the main story

HoYoverse’s Honkai Impact 3rd confirms that action game to have its Version 6.3 update entitled Symphony of Truth coming Thursday, 12 January 2023.

Bronya finally read Herrscher of Reasons legacy and transformed into Herrscher of Truth with true nature and real value uncovered in main story. Ahead of the beginning of the main story, anime projects are on track as the first part of the story is coming to an end. Golden Courtyard premieres on JAN 20, 2023 with two episodes totaling 30 minutes.

Captains will be able to watch the fighting performance of Bronyas newest S-rank battlesuit, Herrscher of Truth in v6.3. IMG-type Ice DMG Dealer Shes Out Supporting Team and Supporting Major DMG in Battle. She can freely switch between two forms: Extremum and Continuation. Her built lance tans gracefully, unleashes powerful attacks to bombard enemies in Extremum form.

Story Chapter XXXIV: The new main story will take place in a more familiar setting, with the protagonists returning to earth. Story stagers, new challenge mode Chaotic Dimension, to be announced. Three characters – Players can play special stages in rotation. Each character will also have their own exclusive set of skills, and each stage will feature special processes which work with the characters exclusive skills. Daily stages, challenges stages give shop tokens can be switched for different limited time rewards!

Version 6.3 will offer a range of features, including Bustling Holiday Symphony. Adventure lets players explore a tourist cave under construction. St. Freya, Golden Courtyard’s character players to join in mystical rut, two groups to fight together. For victory, players must complete Scenic Tasks in specific areas to build up faction exploration progress, unlock exclusives, and defeat the final boss. Leader on highest exploration contribution winner! Various exploration activities allow participants to read event stories and reap different awards.

Honkai Impact 3rd Version 6.3 To Launch on iOS, Android and PC via Epic Games Store from 12 January 2023.