The Spy x Family Lucky Bag Double Layer Of Mystery For Fans of The Hit anime seriesPhotos

The Spy x Family lucky bag takes its time revealing its secrets, but thats part of what makes it so enjoyable

Spy x Family lucky bag takes its ton on secrets but that’s part of what makes it so fun.

Weve seen some of the mystery getting from lucky bags/fukubukuros sold in Japan at New Years in recent years. Dont fret if we remember exactly what we wanted to get into, the Mister Donut/Pokemon fukubukuro puts our mind at ease as we go into our wallet to pull out the cash to buy one but theres some special genre of fun thats lost as the surprise factor is diminished.

So we were intrigued when we found a lucky bag that, at the very least, keeps its sense of mystery and actually double-layers it, giving us a calming overview of whats inside.

Spy x Family fukubukuro found at anime specialty shop Hobby Zone, stocked with around 4,500 yen [US$34] worth of items from the hit anime/manga series, for just 2,200 yen. What merch they thought, but as fans of The Family’s Star Wars and its Scene-stealing Childstar Anya, we couldnt pass up the chance to find out what was inside.

We opened the bag and discovered after going home, we opened it up.

Now more bags in!

Okay, maybe some people would call them packs or pouches instead. However, the contents of the Spy x Family lucky bag were, in any case, still being kept secret, as they were a treasure trove of gacha-style blind-buy goods. That meant there still was plenty more to do, beginning with six mini acrylic character stands.

All of them were Anya – all were adorable.

After our two steel pin can badges went up, we found the badge on the two b.

4 mini character posters (one came from pack)

Six metal collection keychain-style straps feature six metal collection styles

Five sticker collection packs includes 15 stickers from 15

Five packs of gum – 10 stickers and finally 10 stickers.

Yes, now the gum really comes with stickers, but it also comes with luckily.

So the Spy x Family Lucky Bag gives you a lot of fun merch as well as the giddy thrill of being in a big gacha bulk order at the lowest price itd typically costs.

A bit more random, but theresnt enough room to pick us up as a friend to pass on the extras, making this a handy bag that lets you share your luck with others too.

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