This year Revlon Lucky Bag is not only perfect for buying but also easy to get, too

4A big helper for a healthy skin with 4 health benefits valued at 6,600 yen

This bag offers four convenient products for up to 6,600 yen!

Time is key when it comes to winning bag. Many require preorders ahead of time if not lottery applicationand for those who dont, make sure to get out early enough on the release date to get one or go ahead. But for some reason, for drug-store brand makeup lucky bags, which run in 1,000-2,000 yen range (US$7.44 – $14.88), its hard to get it right. The release date may be long, you might think youve got a lot of time to purchase them – but start down too late to get them straight out!.

Japan-language reporter Ikuna Kamezawa pauses by her local drugstore on her daily routine on Dec. 24. Sadly, this year a lot of makeup brands decided not to offer lucky bags but there is one that has made theirs super easy to get. Revlons Lucky bags stayed in stock since end November, Ikuna stayed happy with hers even before opening.

The bags are priced at 1,980 yen and contain 4 items worth around 6,600 yen. Ikuna couldnt help but feel like theyve dropped a bit since last years bag cost 2,200 yen, had 8,470 yen items.

All 2023 Revlon lucky bag has ColorStay Looks Book eyeshadow palette, which was only guaranteed item. Bag also includes a random item of the three categories: A, five types of blush, concealer, foundation; C, four types of eyeshadow palettes; brow liner, and eyeshadow stick; and D, either lip gloss or lip oil.

It was quite familiar for Ikuna, who makes yearly Revlon lucky bag. Here’s what she got:

Photoready Candid Water Essence Compact Foundation (foundation) Book Palette, The ColorStay Looks (eyeshadow) ColorStay Glaze Stick (eyeshadow) Super Lustrous The Gloss (lip gloss)

Five items that might be hit or miss in last years lucky bag, but have one at the back, but not because they’re just as simple as those you used to do. This puts you at risk of removing too much value from the bag.

Last years lucky bag

Overall, this years bag seemed to rumble on caution withitems that likely to be pleasing more people. Ikuna was really happy with hers!

ColorStay Looks Book Palette alone makes it well worth it. Revlons 2021 Lucky Bag’s ColorStay Looks Book Palette Was an Upbeat For Two Years, Ikuna stayed on top of all her new palettes.

PhotoReady Candid Water Essence Compact Foundation Built to Be Glamour.

Ikuna found yourself surprised at how dewy it made her skin look when she tried it. It would be very handy to do this when people have dry skin. Plus, it had warmer shades that werent too white. So it could be great for use as a highlighter.

ColorStay Glaze Stick hits its metallic color, which is its selling point.

The eyeshadow pallete and the eyeshadow stick have reddish hues as well, so the same look was easy.

Lastly, Ikuna worked on the gloss a bit outlier

And ta-da! She finished her look.

Ikuna only applied the new makeup on the left half of her face, left in the same makeup shed come in with, but the end product wasnt that different from her everyday makeup. Yeah, Revlon had hit the nail on head with the lucky bag, at least for Ikunas tastes. Ikunas has a big success in delivering so far this year, with Lucky Bags, especially Thankos unfavorable. She cant wait to see what shell can be done next!

And to get them to a go, be sure to check them out! Those looking for a nice and inexpensive lucky bag are just a few!

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