Three pairs of shoes inspired by iconic packaging by Converse teaming up with Cup Noodle

Top instant noodle firm collabs with top shoe producerwhat more could we get?

Top instant noodle-Top shoe producer collabwhat more could we ask?

Converse Shoes beloved for original, classic design and style, but we also love how they play with iconic franchises such as Pokemon and Hello Kitty. Here are always stylish and detailed details of what sets these particular partners apart from the competition. This is why we have super excited to see them pairing up with one of Japan’s favorite Instant noodle brands, Nissin Cup Noodle.

Two famous companies collaborate to produce two new Cup Noodle high-top shoes and one low-top sneaker design. High-tops base on popular Cup Noodle dishes: original and seafood.

The Original Cup-Noodle high-top looks like a bright red, white, yellow packaging. Red stitching, accents stand out on white canvas background and you can add either red or white shoelaces to it.

Cup Noodle logo is printed in red on the right and Converse written in the Cup Noodle font on the left.

Cup Noodle barcode is also on the inner-side of the knee. All along the midsole, you can find a golden ribbing that it offers on a cup Noodle cup.

Outsole has All Star logo on one heel and Nissin logo.

These shoes have white soles!

Finalizement: Cup Noodle Logo, ingredient list decorates tongues. These shoes almost make us hungry with so many little things on hand!

Cup Noodle Seafood high-top model similar to blue and red. The stitching, accents are mostly blue, including ingredients list on the tongue, barcode, Converse All Star Logo and Converse in Cup Noodle font on the left shoe.

Blue and white shoelaces also come with both.

Both Cup Noodle and Nissin logos red; however, there are some red embellishments to add to the picture, such as the Cup Noodle portion of Cup Noodle Seafood logo, the Converse All Star text of the star, written in Cup Noodle font.

Gold accents also come in, among other aspects, like the golden top lace holes, and a golden sole, and this also includes the yellow ribbing on the midsole.

This model also fits differently in that the shoes heels have all Star logo in blue instead of red, but the Nissin logo remains red.

Cup Noodle fans will instantly see a lot of fun details for both shoes and for the Slip OX model, which has similar style and features of different hues and finishes of the same color, but even boldly done in black, white and red.

With the unmissable logo at the sides of Cup Noodle, the ingredients list with a red stripe on the midsole and a red 3 minutes in hot water label hanging off the heel, this brand is the biggest instant noodle brand.

Plus these shoes come with spare shoes that look curly like instant noodles!

All three Converse shoes to retail for 13,200 yen (US$100.19). Theyre still in stock online, so you can sign up for e-mail notifications if you want to know when theyll be available. If youve got one in your life, look no further than these pairs!

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