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Box includes 11 different items and they arent size fits perfectly!!

11 different items in this boxand they can also give them sample size too!!

Japan ‘gifting people food’ after vacations could help you already. Its kind of genius, actually, because then you don’t have to worry about whether your best friend goes to hate the gaudy Hawaiian shirt you bought, and instead you can delight them with the universal gift of food.

Best part is that even within Japan, every region has its ownomiyage or souvenirs, and that even includes the urban town of Tokyo. Tokyo has so many specialty omiyage snacks that its hard to pick which one to take home. Weve got a list of six of our favorite omiyage snacks, but not all all from Tokyo, and so our Japanese-language journalist K. Masami recommends the Tokyo Miyage Fuku Fuku Set, or Lucky Lucky Set of Tokyo Food Gifts.

Lucky bag (or box) only available at the end of the year, which costs 9,980 yen (US$75.05), but perfect for keeping busy with shopping for good things at the end of the year (or for getting expensive snackers). We have only one, no two, and eleven different snacks local to Tokyo!

Tokyo Banana Miitsuketa (Pack of 8)

The cream-filled, banana-shaped cake, considered one of Tokyo’s most famous snack souvenirs.

Sugar Butter Sand Tree (Pack of 14)

Milky white chocolate filling sandwiched between two crispy, flaky pastries toasted with sugar butter.

Caramelwich (Pack of 11)

Between two caramel cookies, caramel sandwich coated in chocolate.

Tokyo Tamago Goma Tamago (Pack of 8)

Egg-shaped castella cake wrapped around black sesame paste with black sesame red bean paste in the middle.

Trois Empile Chocolat Hiyoko (Pack of 6)

Three-layer chick-shaped dessert: rich, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate surrounded by smooth chocolate red bean paste, wrapped in aroma of a creamy dough that uses a special sweet white bean paste.

Tokyo Station Yaki Chocolat (Pack of 12)

Tokyo Station offers Baked Chocolate Sweets made from rich, bitter chocolate.

Tokyo Campanella Chocolat (Pack of 5)

Three-twin sandwich cookies, three deluxe chocolate filling.

Panda Baum (1 each) and Katanukiya Kodomo (katanukiya).

Baumkuchen cakes printed with pandas, baby pandas. Strawberry flavored baby panda one.

(Pack of 8) Edo Matsuri Ningyo Yaki Shingen-bukuro-iri

Famous street food from Asakusa district. Ningyo-yaki is a castella cake made into various shapes (usually a ningyo or a doll) and filled with red bean paste. These are for sale with a cute cloth bag.

Tokiwado Kaminari-okoshi Honpo Joisobe

Variety pack of Puffed Rice cakes with long history in Asakusa.

Hanagataya Fuku Maneki Cafe Set

The lucky bag gives a novelty pour-over coffee pack to serve up your hoard of sweets.

Chaque item actually comes with the paper bag you would get if you actually bought it from its shop. Unathese, polite way to give someone a souvenir is to hand it over while still in the bag from the shop it went, so this is ideal. (Of course if you plan on eating them all yourself, it will be great to use them for hopping or something.)

Ayurved & Eats Easily Kill This Box of Delectable Snacks: It’s sold exclusively online by JR East Cross Station Retail Company, The Tokyo Miyage Kiosk Mall HANGATAYA Rakuten Market Shop, NewDays JRE Mall Shop.

The Tokyo Miyage Fuku Fuku Set sold out immediately upon release, following in the footsteps of last years lucky bag of Tokyo souvenirs, but the fact that its scheduled to go back on sale on January 1 at midnight (Japan standard time) yet theres still a chance to purchase it.

Youll need to wait for New Years Eve before you head off to the first shrine visit of the year that night. But I do believe that you cannot make an arrest in the morning for the holidays. But with so many snacks packed into this box, this not a bargain to play onespecially if you dont live in Tokyo area!

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