Tokyo-based robotic pillow Fufuly shown at CES 2023

Rise of the machinepillows

Rise of machinepillows.

In todays lifestyle people often find themselves busy, but also very casual in that most work is done on computers. Stress and stress may sometimes worsen breathing habits, could lead to other health problems.

Its not a problem where robots could help, but Yukai Engineering demands to be different. Some might be mentioning Yukai as our company, which brought us Qoobo, the robotic cushion with a moving tail, and Amagami Hamuhamu, little dog robotic dog dolls that nibble on your finger. So, evident, its a company that deals with robots helping us relax.

And here their latest robot

Fufuly is the latest product produced at this years CES 2023 event in Las Vegas, where it was dubbed an Innovations Award Honoree. Fufuly looks like your average hug pillow at first glance, but some studies have done in it.

Fufuly lets you simulate breathing while holding it. It works on the phenomenon of entrainment, where ones bodily functions get in sync with an external source. How our breathing speeds up, slow down depending on our music or when embracing another or dog and feeling their own breathing speed.

Yukai Engineering work with University of Tokyo to determine optimal rhythms to induce ideal relaxation breathing in humans. Also, all you have to do to use it is switch it on, hold it and let the entrainment twist.

Soft Velour and shaped to look like a little cloud of breath for breathing deep. Its recommended for use while relaxing at home, stressing at work or to help you sleep at night.

With this and Yukais lots of other relaxation robots, it starts to look as if sci-fi movies got it all wrong. Robots can take over the world by just making everyone too cool to do anything at once rather than by hunting us down or enslaving us.

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