Village Vanguard Outlets 2023 big bag filled with 60,000 yen worth of trash or treasure?

As usual, we can still resist the lure of a bargaineven if all we get is useless junk.

As usual, we can still resist a tremendous bargaineven if only there is no such thing as useless junk.

Village Vanguard Ah. How you lure us into your attractive but useless gag gifts and funky accessories. Lucky Bags Have Our Hard-Mehting Money Every Year, Most Years We Rejuvenate It. Yet still come back for more.

This year leaves no exception. Village Vanguard Lucky Bag: 2023 drew us in the ewy moth to a flameand came with just a handful of interesting items amidst a pile of junk. And what about 2023 Village Vanguard Outlet Lucky Bag? It has a rather hard time consuming reputation for containing even more junkIt might have something nice inside!

We couldnt help ourselves.

This years bags came in multiple tiers, but we bought the most expensive one, 10,000 yen (US$75.45). 60,000 yen worth of items believed to contain. What a bargain – right? Well, it would be if it wasnt from Village Vanguard Outlet, or VillaVan Outlet as its commonly called. But we to talk? We still purchased it, after all.

Last year Village Vanguard Outlet Lucky Bag Contiously 26 Junk and Just Three Not-Jaik Items. Thats 90 percent waste. Quite shocking for Japanese-language reporter P.K. Sanjun, who takes on Village Vanguard and VillaVan Outlet lucky bags every year, not surprised before.

Last years VillaVan Outlet lucky bag contents

But this years box had 60,000 yen worth of stuff in it, P.K. wanted to believe in that dream. He needed to believe. There had to be something good there. This was the year he would not cry tears of frustration, but tears of joy instead.

And with that said, here is what he got in 2023s 10,000 yen lucky bag

Eastpak backpack Mitchell &ness sport bag LIBE Knit Cap Nekoni Blanket Pokemon doormat Sanrio slim clear bottle Character towel Unfail mask: Devil mask Smiley face breakfast mould stuffed polar bear A packed Mokumoku-chan was made of a boxed Nekoko No Goro stuffed in a stuffed Nekoko Leaf of plum wood board Mini four-wheel drive keychain A Your Name postcard book Toilet paper Yoko Fuchigami Tekutekupan capsule toy My Micro Dishcloth A finger cap-shaped Mini Tack A 30-piece ninja Fidget toy shape like revolver chamber Silk Flame Long wallet

(*Note that all village Vanguard Outlets lucky bags likely to have different items. Different opinions on yours may vary.)

Lucky bag consists of 21 items and one weighing over 21. The bags, the knit cap probably each in the 5,000 yen range, Pokemon doormat had to sell for about 4,000 yen.

Altogether, that was about 20,000 yen.

No one could identify it was a strange golden item at first; it had the office in a tizzy because we all wondered if it was going to be the true treasure of the lucky bag but in the end, it was not a fidget toy that P.K. later learned had a price tag of just 1,000 yen.

P.K. generously estimates but after all this, overall remains more than 20,000 yen short, last item left was silk Flame long wallet.

It wasnt too bad to suit everyones tastes with its heavy metal look, but had to be this lucky bag’s Ace. Wallets might cost more, after all.

And yet no one was willing to get more hits on Silk Flame, no matter how much P.K. searched, even in this age of the Internet. P.K. went searching, searched and finally came across a personal site about the Silk Flame long wallet, that said retail price of the wallet was 49,000 yen, the discounted price was 19,000 yen, which could be even further discounted by 9,800 yen.

P.K. couldnt really trust this source, 49,000 price tag was particularly preposterous, but based on his understanding of Village Vanguard, he figured that they would sell it for 19,000 yen. Village Vanguard Outlets sees bag had 60,000 yen worth of goods truespeaking optimistically, of course.

Bag was piled in junk, but P.K. was surprised by wallet. The fact that the coin purse had a velcro seal that really made him tickled, did not hit him. My heart just feels so uncool about this wallet, he says.

P.K. finally admitted Village Vanguard Outlet got him again. But yet, he still finds himself tempted to win next years Lucky Bag. SYNE, never know when to find a real treasure!

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