We try the delicious Okinawan slice hone-jiru (bone soup) hard to find on mainland Japan

Local restaurants Satisfaction Set Leaves us Very satisfied

Local restaurants Satisfaction Set makes us extremely happy!

Our reporter Kouhey often spends time at Japans southernmost prefecture of Okinawa, where he rides over former UFC fighters. Kouhey enjoys the culinary delights Okinawa offers as well. Okinawa cuisine includes lots of different soups. Okinawan miso soup made from Okinawan tofu, pork, lettuce and other vegetables topped with half-boiled egg, goat soup contains, well, goat.

Okinawan grub is well-known, he thought that there was no local delicacy left behind -where the locals asked him if hed tried hone-jiru, literally bone soup.

Kouhey first heard about bone soup during Awamori Jelly Honpo visit. It did sound like it was a little more impressive to know about, so hes headed to Okinawa to find out.

Kouhey leaves Naha Airport around 2 p.m. catching good places to eat hone-jiru nearby. Many of the highly rated online restaurants were already closed for the day but when Kouhey began to lose hope, he found a great restaurant named Hone-jiru-ya (Bone Soup Shop).

Kouheys craved such a straight-to-the-point restaurant name, and hopped on the monorail to Asato Station, less than 20 minutes from airport.

From there, it was five minutes away to Sakaemachi Arcade, where restaurant was located.

I had lots of different restaurants at the arcade, but Kouhey had the look for a smaller one. Trongled round for about three minutes after rowing around

OMG! There was always a real, authentic taste of Okinawa, a restaurant with local cooking nestled in an arcade in Naha!

Inside, he found the Satisfaction Set for 1,000 yen (US$7.60) which contained bone soup, and also a bone rice bowl. Kouhey wasnt quite sure what a bone rice bowl was – so decided to order the set and find out.

Kouhey immediately understood what people meant when they said this meal had some serious visual impact as a huge tray of food arrived on the table. It was a hearty-looking meal with numerous toppings and sides and a great meal.

Kouhey chose the fabled bone soup to start with. Local Okinawan dish hone-jiru tastes slowly simmered pork bones and is peppered with bonito stock and more pork bones.

The broth was very well balanced and with its nice feel.

In the soup there was also a wide range of meat in the soup. The hone-jiru used Agu pork raised in Okinawas Ganaha Farm and it was deliciously tender and tasted like a melt in the mouth.

Kouhey picks up some toppings to the broth like bitter gourd and handama, a kind of spinach grown in Okinawa.

Even the toppings were traditionally Okinawan!

Bon soup was warm and comforting, meat and vegetables were really tasty.

In menu it is suggested that you add Okinawan miso to the leftover broth and you can see it and drink it more. To Add Too Much Miso All At One Is A Taboo So Kouhey Avery Bit In Away Changes The flavour Smoothly Everytime. My soup bowl, the stomach, and before hed realized it, was empty!

Next up was the bone rice bowl, or hone-don. The hone-don came in 2 sizes, Kouhey was pretty sure it was a small, but it was also pretty big!

Kouhey takes a deep breath to remove bones from meat and place a raw egg yolk on top of the bones, and then carefully re-examines the bones from the meat

and laid eggs yolk on top.

Egg yolk broke off impact, sag, Kouhey also was certain it wont affect the taste, so he wasnt too upset.

Slush, tender meat and fluffy white rice was just perfect and the runny egg yolks were abrasive. It was so good Kouhey wolfed down in no time.

Satisfaction Set lived up to its name just in its extraordinary taste but also in its sheer amount of food that came with it. Kouheys bowl of discarded bones demonstrates how much food was included in his set.

In Okinawan restaurants, Hone-jiru is a specialty thats difficult to find in mainland Japan so if you go to Okinawa, put this in your list. There are many restaurants serving it to Okinawa, each has its own unique taste and personality. And maybe grab another Okinawan specialty pork and egg riceball while there too.

Address: Okinawa-ken, Naha-shi, Asato 385, Sakaemachi Ichiba-nai 385 Open 3:00 p.m.-11:00.