Whats in Lindt Lucky Bag For 2023?

And more to this fukubukuro than just Lindor balls

Fokubukuro puts more to this than just Lindor balls.

Swiss chocolate label Lindt smacks on top of its high-end chocolates, especially the creamy Lindor balls that come in a wide variety of flavours, including matcha and sakura.

So as we saw Lindt selling their special new year lucky bag, we immediately jumped at the chance to get it in. Lucky bags, or fukubukuro in Japanese, are packed with flinty items worth more than what you pay for, so we had a chance getting a bargain on a bundle of pricey Lindt chocolates!.

The bags sold for 30 December-31 January, only to customer whod reserved and paid for them from 18 November.

Wed reserved 5,480 yen ($41.49) bag for us and requested it be delivered at New Year.

Inside the bubble wrap, the contents were securely packed, and reaching underneath the bubble wrap, we pulled out.

Lindt-branded tote bag!

More than just Lindor balls added in bundle, Peering inside reports.

5 different products!

Let’s dive into each item below, starting with the Lindor balls.

Bag 30 milk, eight matcha, four orange, two white chocolate, five raspberry and cream included 49. Lindor value at 4,900 yen, near lucky bag after £1.55.

Next up, the Swiss Premium Minis, with six different flavors, contains six different flavours.

The breakdown was: 14 Swiss chocolate milk, nine with hazelnuts, four Lindor milk, five Cresta milk, five dark chocolate, three Cresta white.

Ungefealed 40, valued at 2,250 yen

The next round is a pack of four Lindor Milk Sticks, valued at around 608 yen.

And then there are two Lindt Excellence bars in Coconut and 70 percent Cocoa varieties, valued at 625 yen each.

Almost 100 yen sat around 9,008, as bags worth $5.3 billion.

The whole haul came to 6,875.5 kilocalories but the overall weight count comes to an estimated 4 days!Assuming that a daily calorie requirement for an adult woman is 1,750 kilocalories, this lucky bag equates toabout 4 days of calories.So well be spreading out our Lindt chocolate consumption throughout the year, we still have a whole treasure chest of candy to go through!

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