Winter Comiket 2022Photos: The Best Cosplayers From Day 1

Plus, Bocchi – Rock!creators newfound fame makes scathing at venue

Plus, Bocchi the Rock!creator’s newfound fame causes chaos at venue.

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This years Winter Comiket was a scaled back event held across two days from 30-31 December, with a limit on visitors that had to wait until tickets were placed. As last year, when the event returned after a two-year pandemic-induced collapse, and also since 2011, when the event was back, held across two days from 30-31 December.

These safety precautions dampen Comiket 101 as 101st iteration officially known as cosplayers come out in force to honor some of industry’s hottest characters. Comic Market’s Comiket short hits big name for doujinshi (self-published manga) and otaku culture; although there were always the big cosplayers who brought the limelight, so let’s look at some of the best cosplayers from Day One below!

Genshin Impact|Sector: @umnik0 Raiden Shogun

Bocchi the Rock: Hitori Goto|Cosplayer: @mizuki_fuuka_

Video: Miorine Rembranfrom Mobile Suit Gundam| Cosplayer: @takane_88

@calleauxmarugo|Creator: Guel JeturkFrom Mobile Suit Gundam|Telescopescom: @chateauxmarugo

I don’t think, combining as a character from a camping scene where he simply sits, eats, is really a real way to avoid the temptation to eat at a big event like this!

Pretty Derby| Cosplayer: @hu_ton_Double: Daitaku Helios[Uma Musume]Dimension|

Azur Lane’s Marco Polo| Cosplayer: @rinyanpassan

Keqing/Kokuseifrom Genshin Impact| Cosplayer: @NeK_neneko_

Apex Legends| Cosplayer: @gs_pochi

Attention to detail is stupefiant!

Apex Legends| Cosplayer: @sigma_1223

Apex Legends| Cosplayer: @Maggot7274

Soul Eater| Cosplayer: @Kaori_Gaia

Next World: Re:Zero Putting Life in another World| Cosplayer: @cos_asari_1028

Thanks For Gods Good Day on This Wonderful World – Cosplayer: @tan_raiko

Video Assistant Referee|Factors: @Dahutsana, @Biscos_74yen

This clever cosplay is a nod to the 2022 World Cup match when the ball appeared to be over the line to the naked eye, but the VAR ruled it out.

Even though most cosplayers were out of venue, there was cosplay inside, amongst the big company booths that had been built up. So before we look at those, we need to take a look at an interesting activity that took place on the day with Bocchi the Rock creator Aki Hamaji.!

Bocchi the Rock!Started Off as Four-Pitch Manga Series in 2017 and was later adapted into a TV anime that ran from Oct to Dec 2022. The anime became a hit on the line, launching the series and its creator to stardom, so much so that Hamaji had to be moved outside for safety reasons, at the massive crowds around her booth.

Twitter poster Hamaji says she was feeling more isolated after her Twitter posts.

(@hamazi__) Dec 30, 2022

The new outdoor setting is more suitable for meeting and purchasing lines of people who also know the artist. Major booth may be needed for next summer reunion at Summer Comiket due to Hamajis newfound popularity.

Now lets get back to the cosplay at the company booths

Yostar booth shared some official cosplay costumes, props with the public, like the ones below from the booth.

Echocalypse Scarlet Gods Testament: And these one.

But it ends for our Winter Comiket cosplay coverage, but before we leave, just enough time to grab a drink from this special vending machine.

This limited edition vending machine sold us a limited edition tea wrapped in artwork by doujinshi artist @panno_mimi.

Comic Market Preparation Committees after-sales report reveals 90,000 visitors to Day One of event, which had 117 company booths and10,000 doujinshi stalls. It was also the first time international tourists had seen Comiket in three years, after Japan finally opened up to foreign tourism in October.

Doujinshi creators, cosplayers, attendees went out the best day of the year – counting down the days until the next event rolls around on 12-13 August!

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