Yamagata cherries make record high at wholesale markets first auction of the year

Here are some other food dishes that you can buy with the same amount of yen.

You could buy a few other food dishes with the same amount of yen on the other side.

My dad from northeastern Fruit Kingdom Yamagata Prefecture, top cherry producer in Japan, used to sell locally grown fruits as gifts. In Tokyo auction, do you agree? I wouldn’t be able to afford a record price to buy one small batch of cherries – sorry, friends.

You can even order a round of one-off cherries in Yamagata.

Produce wholesaler Funasho Group won bid for Yamagata-produced Sato Nishiki cherries on Jan 5 at Ota Markets second wholesale auction. 500 gram (1.1 lb) of fruit sold for highest price ever1.3 million yen (US$9,842), 100,000 yen higher than winning bid last year.

Yamagata has named Sweet, Sour Sato Nishiki cherries.

Funasho Group won first Sato Nishiki cherries over fourth year as food industry goal is to continue success. Teaser cherries then promptly sold at Tokyos Yaoko Marketplace Higashi-Yamato branch on auction.

Funasho Group managers who placed winning bid:

1.3 mln yen is staggering enough for a small box of cherries. Combined with that money, you may see that, for some of that in gastronomic perspective, the same money could help you

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– Or 1,181 of these titanic katsudon bowls.

Id have to spend on the katsudon for the best price possible.

The most expensive single cherry youll ever eat!

Sato Nishiki cherries certainly made sense to eventual buyers, not too often,especially considering our team had a little problem telling them apart from regular supermarket ones last summer.

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